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Prachay is a pre-eminent business financing company based out of Pune. We are masters of the art of non-conventional funding. Our solutions have been formulated to uphold our client’s business objectives, facilitate capital growth and establish a sense of financial security amid cash catastrophes.

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Features that set us Apart

  • Accountability
    Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us hence we take complete ownership and accountability of each project. We strive hard to accommodate all of your requirements and secure optimal benefit for you.
  • Transparency
    We have a firm moral grounding which is why all our processes are crystal clear & transparent. With us there are no hidden facts!
  • Rapid & profitable services
    At Prachay we understand the need for speed when it comes to businesses. This characteristic of ours is reflected in the fact that we provide rapid & profitable services.
  • Customized solutions
    We know that every client is unique with individualistic parameters and requirements. Our personalized approach helps us to provide customized solutions that will facilitate optimal benefit for our clients.
  • Professional excellence
    Prachay has stood the test of time in the finance industry and with a considerable amount of experience under our belt we can help you attain what you need by utilizing our professional experience.