Approval Funding

Succeed with our approval funding loan

This form of loan is best suited for ambitious developers who wish to kick start a particular project but are short of some money. We can provide them with short term funds that they can utilize for a number of purposes like approval fees, initial token, sanctioning of plans, etc.


Developers can borrow short term funds for sanctioning of plans/nazrana/other approval fees and charges Enquire Now


The interest rate at 18%-24% and processing fees above 1.50% Enquire Now

Key Features

  • Processing time of less than 5-6 working days
  • Limited restriction on end use
  • Repayment through escrow/takeover of loan
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Loan Tenor

12 - 24 months Enquire Now

Eligibility Criteria

  • Loan Amount >1-5cr
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Security Cover

  • Equitable/Registered Mortgage of adequate security
  • Security cover of over 2.00x (i.e. Realistic Value of security should be more than two times the amount of proposed loan)
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