Inventory Funding

Short-term finance solution for long-term success

Our inventory funding loan can provide you with the funds required to get improved acquisition deals and a healthy amount of disposable finances for non-inventory related investments. If you are a business owner whose venture is still in its growing phase you can hugely benefit from this provision of ours.


Developers having completed/nearing completion projects and wish to generate short-term liquidity either to complete the same project or capitalize on some opportunity can raise funds against the unsold inventory. Enquire Now


Interest rate at 18%-24% and processing fees above 1.50% Enquire Now

Key Features

  • Processing time of less than 5-6 working days
  • Limited restriction on end use
  • Repayment through escrow
  • Takeover of loans including with poor repayment track record
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Loan Tenure

12 - 24 months Enquire Now

Eligibility Criteria

  • Preferably completion certificate should have been obtained or the inventory should be nearing completion (ie RCC, Brick Work, Plastering should be complete).
  • Loan Amount 1.00 Cr - 10.00 Cr
  • Inventory should be in and around Pune city.
  • Collection and sales for the last 6 months should support the proposed loan.
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Security Cover

  • Registered Mortgage of unsold inventory and hypothecation and escrow of receivables from the project
  • Security cover of over 2.00x (i.e. Realistic Value of security should be more than two times the amount of proposed loan)
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