Lease Rental Discounting

Use future cash to safeguard the present

Lease rent discounting can help you to secure your present by utilizing future funds! By getting our lease rent discounting you will be successful in getting a loan for your leased property in return of the future rental receipts you have. In this process, your tenant will be repaying us in the form of installments till the time he or she is residing in your property. You can avail this loan to magnify the profits of your business as such you have nothing to lose!


LRD is a medium term funding provided against lease rentals of residential and Commercials property. Enquire Now


The interest rate at 15%-24% and processing fees above 1.50% Enquire Now

Key Features

  • Processing time of less than 7 working days
  • Limited restriction on end use
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Loan Tenure

6 months - 3 years Enquire Now

Eligibility Criteria

  • The lease rental agreement shall be for a period more than the tenor of the loan.
  • Good repayment track record of the borrower/group
  • Projected rentals to justify the repayment capacity of the loan
  • Loan Amount 1.00 Cr - 10.00 Cr
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Security Cover

  • Equitable/Registered Mortgage of adequate security.
  • Security cover of over 2.00x (i.e. Realistic Value of security should be more than the amount of proposed loan)
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