Loan Against Properties

Secure maximum value for your property

You can effectively harness our loan against properties service to expand your business in an efficient and effective manner. In this process, we will disburse the loan against the mortgage of property. This is a secured loan where you will be giving a guarantee by employing owned property as security.


Loan against property is medium-term funding provided against the acquired residential and commercial property. Enquire Now


The interest rate at 18%-24% and processing fees above 1.50% Enquire Now

Key Features

  • Processing time of less than 7 working days
  • Limited restriction on end use
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Loan Tenure

6 months -3 years Enquire Now

Eligibility Criteria

  • Projected cashflows to justify the repayment capacity of the loan
  • Loan Amount 1.00 Cr - 10.00 Cr
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Security Cover

  • Equitable/Registered Mortgage of adequate security.
  • Security cover of over 2.00x (i.e. Realistic Value of security should be more than the amount of proposed loan)
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